No, we don't have confidence in the online methodology since matchmaking is significantly more mind boggling than simply making an online record. Be that as it may, we do have an online angle where you have to make a profile only for our record purposes. Other than that everything will be done in a completely customized and classified premise.
We’ll be the happiest if each and every member of ours will find the perfect match. But as people say that matches are made in heaven we also believe that it’s true we can only connect them. Still we proudly say that we have a successful rate of 50-60 percent. And we are working really hard to take this percentage higher
We proudly say that there are so many love stories we are able to create who are living their happily ever after life! But our success stories are as much confidential as our services. Our client’s privacy is our top most priority and we don’t compromise with it even if it costs us losing out a new member.
We accept payments via Cheque, bank transfers, or online using debit/credit cards.
No, our amount is a one-time payment which needs to be paid fully at once, we don’t accept partial payments.
Our membership is non-refundable. Make sure you have everything clear before going forward with our services.
An pre-decided amount is chargeable on Roka ceremony as Materialisation / Success fees.
We have a group of experienced prepared experts. What separates them is their obsession and love for their work. Every one of them have originated from various foundations and convictions the main thing that joins them is their obsession for matchmaking they comprehend what the needs of an individual are with regards to marriage. Every one of them are exceptionally knowledgeable about wedding business.
No, our customer's data are profoundly private and not every person is agreeable in make it open that they are utilizing wedding administrations. Dominant part of our customers are VIP'S and from exclusive class and we can't face challenges of their generosity by unveiling any related data.
We'll be glad for you without a doubt. However, we won't give any refund in any circumstance.
We comprehend that each individual is extraordinary and not every person can fit in a specific measures since you are flawless simply the manner in which you are! Nonetheless, we neglect a blend of things which incorporates age, training, salary, attitudes, convictions and so forth. There are no such exact measures which you should be flawless in!
We can't put an imprint on certain number since we don't take a shot at targets. We organize quality over amount. At the outset, the profile sharing velocity will be low since it's a tedious procedure to comprehend what might be the best for a person. Our specialists will be working profoundly on your profile to locate the best results. After a particular period you will get convenient profile to choose from.
For the time being, No we don't give times for testing since matchmaking is a tedious procedure and any satisfactory outcome can't be given time.

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